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IMPACT TCS -with more than a decade of experience- is looking toward the futue. We are dedicated to make your business easier, facilitating investment, and helping you search for commercial opportunites throughout East Asia. By offering a comprehensice package of services, impact TCS is an ideal strategic business partner to make safe and secure incestments.,,



Have you ever found yourself frustrated when searching for new markets? Have you struggled to coordinate your external activities, or faced obstacles such as limited time, inefficiency, untrustworthy business contacts, confusing laws and regulations, and high costs? Most businesses face all of these challenges! We can help.

Trading consultancy

Investors & business men services

Feasibility studies

Searching for supply sources, innovative products and new opportunities

Customs Clearance, Cargo Freight, shipping follow up and delivery (LOGISTICS SERVICES)

Data provision and investment opportunities



Food and Beverage Trade
Agencies We focused on the food and beverages trade after examining the requirements of the local market and consumer behavior, as well as the necessary tools and strategies to enter the market consistently. In order to provide high quality products and competitive prices, we selected some brands that will give us a clear vision of our future project target.

Palm Oil Export

Palm Oil
Since the beginning of IMPACT launching, we were seeking partners in Malaysia's most vital field, palm oil. Fortunately we have achieved a wonderful partnerships with the top palm oil factories in Malaysia and Singapore. We have achieved significant goals and target in our palm oil sales in Middle East and Africa with the support of those big palm oil factories.


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